Jun 06, 2024

Enjoying the Ride — Hopps Skateboards’ “AUTO” Video

Posted by HOPPS Admin.

Original story reposted from QuarterSnacks on May 23rd. 2024:

Today, we are proud to present “AUTO” the latest release from Hopps Skateboards by Tristan Mershon.

It’s a check-in from the Hopps team that opens with the skateboard-equivalent of a $50,000 half court shot on behalf of QS-favorite Dustin Eggeling, and includes appearances from QS-favorite Mark Del Negro (who makes up for his lackluster outing against Jersey Dave in S.K.A.T.E.N.E.R.D. with actual …skating!), QS-favorite Kyler Garrison, ageless QS-favorite Joel Meinholz, and eternal QS-favorite who is also ageless, Jahmal Williams.

And to anyone who is about to clank away demanding to know “WHERE IS KEITH? SHOW US KEITH!” — Keith is recovering from double hip surgery. But he’s still a QS favorite, and was spotted doing switch back tails the other day.

Animations by Massi Mongiardo.

Additional filming by Josh Stewart, Jake Todd, Matt Velez and Noah Cook.

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