Mar 09, 2021

"Dreamer" Jahmal Williams Life in Art and Skateboarding

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Converse presents, "Dreamer," a short film documenting a life in art and skateboarding of the influential Jahmal Williams. 

"If I could describe the closest parallel to Jahmal's skating, it would be Jazz." So sets the stage for both Jahmal Williams art practice and grace on a skateboard. Through this short documentary directed by Pep Kim, on the occasion of Jahmal's new mural with Converse on the side of Pilgrim Surf Supply in Brooklyn, we get a glimpse at how his art style has informed his skating and how his improvisational mindset has allowed his art to flourish in abstraction.

Directed by Pep Kim (@pepkim)
Co-Directed by Jahmal Williams (@jahmalwilliams)
Cinematography & Edited by Pep Kim
Produced by Jahmal Williams
Music by Joe Farnsworth (@joefarnsworthdrums)
Color, recording & graphic design by Pep Boy Production (@pepboyproduction)
Portrait animation by Joe Pease (@joepeace)
Archive footages from Static IV Still photography by Pep Kim
Childhood photo archive from Betty D. Williams

This film was made possible through generous support of CONVERSE

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